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Our stakeholders' are our strength. Organized stakeholder engagement promotes healthy relationships with various stakeholders and assists in smooth functioning of the business. Our social policy and stakeholder engagement technical standards guide us towards stakeholder identification and also determine engagement plans including recording and responding to all enquiries and concerns. We are committed to effectively responding to stakeholder feedback. Every effort is made by the business to ensure that multiple channels are used to maintain contact with the stakeholders and address their concerns in a timely manner.

External Stakeholder Engagement

Regular stakeholder consultation activities are organized to remain in touch with our stakeholders including the non-governmental organizations, governmental organizations, opinion makers and community. Visits of the stakeholder's are also organized at the site to share common concerns, and also brief them of the working of plant and acquaint them of the technologies installed at the site.

Internal Stakeholder Engagement

Our employees are constantly motivated to devote time to community development services. They are offered opportunities under the project contributions at workplace- a set of activities that may or may not be a part of CSR plan. Our employees have always positively responded to the call of relief against natural and man-made calamities, blood donation camps, community plantation drives, distribution of education kits including stationary and uniform for the needy but meritorious students, play and educational material for anganwadi going children, summer camps including other activities. Out of the funds received under contributions at workplace initiative we have also made a provision for supply of potable drinking water to three government schools in tie up with a NGO partner and gram panchayats.

Way Forward

We are looking forward to further strengthen our stakeholder engagement system effectively. We shall strive to address the concerns of our stakeholders to the best of our capabilities. Emphasis shall be on building and sustaining bonds to retain their trust and generate mutually benefitting opportunities.

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